In-Car and Classroom Training available. We offer MVD Road Test Waiver Packages.

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Want to acquire the skills you need to operate a motor vehicle with complete self-confidence? Go And Drive behind-the-wheel packages augment your motorist expertise. Our Phoenix training programs let you choose 3, 6 or 10 hours of in-car education with a live instructor who provides critical professional perspectives on how you can improve. This package is accessible to almost everybody like US Citizens, Resident Aliens, Foreigners and International Students.

Who benefits from our road-ready in-car training? These packages aren’t just for novices. Our instructors can help anyone learn to feel comfortable behind the wheel, and we also offer all-inclusive options that feature perks like written MVD examinations, classroom course discounts, insurance certificates and more.

You may be attempting to reduce your insurance policy premiums or ensure that a young driver has the necessary expertise to stay safe on their own. No matter what your objectives are, visiting Go And Drive is the smartest option. Enroll today.


We staff our behind-the-wheel classes with experienced instructors who use proven techniques to help you learn the rules of the road and the safest ways to travel. We also offer manual and automatic transmission training, so there’s no reason to delay getting your license. Learn more by choosing any of the classes you see above.